Sunday, 31 August 2008

Guilty Treasures

From Flange member Helen:

Thought I would bring the book flange down market for a change. Although I have enjoyed reading about the various ancient gardening literary finds, I thought something more up to date would be good.

This is my most recent purchase

Now before you leap in and ask why I should buy such a book, I would state that in my defence I haven't had my greenhouse for long and I want to do more with it than grow tomatoes and raise annuals so was looking for some inspiration. The book has delivered this albeit it in simplistic terms.

I wondered if members had gardening gems that they wouldn't necessarily rush to own up to but find very helpful.

Helen (aka patientgardener)


The Garden Monkey said...

I can't belive no-ones willing to 'fess up to anything.

Whilst my shelves are creaking with books, I do tend to reach for one of the Expert series for a quick short answer to a general query.

As a general reference they are hard to beat - people are a bit sniffy about them though.

My name is Garden Monkey and I'm a bookaholic.

I feel better already.

VP said...

That's not fair, I was going to bag 'The Expert' series. The Houseplant one was the first gardening book bought when I purchased my first house.

I have to confess I enjoyed Monty Don's 'My Roots' though. Extensive rehabilitation with the entire works of Christopher Lloyd was required afterwards.

emmat said...

My name's Emma. I recognise my powerlessness over books and that my life has become unmanageable.

I sometimes have to watch this to get myself to sleep at night and then the next day I just feel so guilty and disgusted with myself, but it's uncontrollable.

patientgardener said...

I dont have any Expert books at all! I have some Geoff Hamilton and some Alan Titchmarsh as well as a growing collection of Christopher Lloyd. I also have a Readers Digest collection - which is one book per garden season - quite good for looking up plants

VP said...

Tee hee - in your link Emmat, Peter Seabrook's described as an actor!

Zoƫ said...

I have a copy of Alan Titchmarsh's How to be a Supergardener, which was given to us as a wedding present in 1986. I have to admit, at the time it was perfect, even though it is now well hidden behind more worthy tomes on the book-shelves.