Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Vintage ads

These pics of some vintage adverts were kindly supplied by VP from one of her Penguin Handbooks.

Since my last post on the subject I have been looking at Penguin Handbooks in an "Oooh, what a great idea for a collection" sort of way, and will be doing a post on them soon. VP, what have you started?

A blog I can recommend for vintage stuff from books and magazines is Kiss My Aster.

The author, Amanda, has 3 issues of a book from the 60s called Better Homes & Gardens New Garden Book, which she posts on from time to time and which I covet deeply.


VP said...

Heh heh heh!

Don't worry, I've got the same kinda problem too. I blame it on the parents...

emmat said...

OMG! sterilise the soil with Jeyes fluid? ERrrrrrrrrrr.
is that allowed under MW Protocol?

The Garden Monkey said...

I know of some old boy who still covers his whole plot with Jeyes Fluid.

VP said...

Old Nelson?

Could be modelled on Mr Allotment Warden who told me today he has access to industrial strength agrochemicals...

Oh and I think I might have a touch of Aminopyralid - need to compare photos with the link over at Cleve's