Thursday, 28 August 2008

Books my Bean-counter left me

This post is from Flange-member James who says :

My accountant gave me a 1951 copy of this fine publication. I particularly like the fact that it is described as an "intimate" magazine for garden lovers. This title promises more than it delivers (although Gladioli for Gaiety is a start). Sadly, not one to go in the private reading stash down at the allotment.

There are some cracking advertisements in the publication including one for The Cornish Flexible Earth Company which includes this limerick:
There was a young lady from Ealing
Who had a peculiar feeling
For our Flexible Earth
Gave rise to great mirth
When her daffodils reached to the ceiling


VP said...

There's some cracking author's names amongst that lot. Do you think they're real or pseudonyms?

antisyzygy said...

I've got a '39 issue of the same magazine. It really does ssem like a publication got up for someone and their friends. I suspect some of the authors may actually be pseudonyms of the editor. (Seasonal selections by F. A. Bush anyone?)

Mine has some equally wonderful advertisments "Fertilisers and motor cars" for Vauxhall, Atlacide and Pysect insecticides, as well as some names which survive today, Allwoods, Cants, Jackmans ...