Monday, 25 August 2008

Britain In Pictures

The books in the photo on a recent post were:

English Garden Flowers - Harry Roberts 1944,
Wildflowers in Britain - Geoffrey Grigson 1944 and
British Garden flowers George M Taylor 1946.

They are part of a series called Britain in Pictures which covers a wide range of subjects in the arts, sciences, history and geography. The ones I have each has 8 colour plates and 22 -26 black and white illustrations. They are all just under fifty pages in length which makes them ideal to spend an hour or so perusing on one of the rainy afternoons, that have plagued us of late.

Books from the series can be bought quite cheaply online, although the usual warning applies here that you have to be wary of a vendor offering a book at a low price, whilst at the same time inflating the postal costs.

Others in the series that would be of interest to gardeners are:
British Herbs and Vegetables George M Taylor.
Trees in Britain - Alexander L Howard
British Botanists - John Gilmour and
English Country Houses - V. Sackville-West.

I personally will also be looking out for another called British Orientalists, in the hope that it will include something on Edward Pococke, a very distant relative, who some credit with introducing the cedar to this country.


R. Pete Free said...

Well I still think you're winning in the book collection stakes. I must see if I can get a print of that Stanley Spencer painting. Did you go to the Garden exhibition held in the Tate a few (maybe 5?) years ago? I went with a friend who thought all the pictures were depressing! My postcard of Gertrude Jekylls boots bought there is still in pride of place on my pinboard.

The Garden Monkey said...

I would love a Stanley Spencer print too. Love it.

Have you ever been to the Sandham Chapel?