Saturday, 16 August 2008

Blog Book News

Another quick breeze through the garden book bits and pieces that I have happened across recently.

The big news is of course the free books up for grabs at VP's Virtual Open Garden.

Meanwhile Emma Townshend is still reading anything with a vaguely horticultural link - this time strawberries.

Again more groovy stuff from my fellow vintage book fan Amanda - although the featured garden looks quite contemporary.

I am in a total green eyed frenzy over a new book R Pete Free has acquired, less so about the gay Alan Titchmarsh book.

And finally a blog I found that has a free E-book for download, and some book reviews [plus a certain measure of cat-nutterdom]


emmat said...

yes but now i have in my possession a copy of the cloud garden, and also Carl Kraus's Weathering Winter, because I thought I might as well get in there early

JamesA-S said...

Slightly too many cats but not the worst. The oddest statement was in the first paragraph where the idea of hanging washing to dry outside is hailed as a major advance in green thinking - tell that to the laundrymaid

emmat said...

I am confused as to which book this refers to. I don't think there are any cats in the Cloud Garden. and Weathering Winter doesn't seem to have anything in about drying laundry. Hmmm... I may have to do more research.