Thursday, 7 August 2008

Blog Book News

Just a quick trot through some of the garden book things cropping up lately.

Firstly an article from last weekend's Telegraph about David Wheeler, the editorial brains behind Hortus, staving off the worst of horticultural deprivation with the books of Margery Fish.

That author, along with Christopher Lloyd, forms a pair of writers whose complete works Jane Perrone is working her way through.

Emma Townshend is (temporarily one hopes) eschewing such worthy stuff in favour of charity books that simply have garden in the title.

And finally, I hope I'm not giving away too much of a secret when I tell you that there may be the odd garden book to be had at VP's Virtual Open Garden shortly.


VP said...

No, I've let the cat out of the bag already ;)

Thanks for the link - mr/s top referrer from yesterday :)

Sarah Salway said...

Not really book reviews, but there's a nice selection of old gardening books in Tunbridge Wells here -