Friday, 27 June 2008

Book'em Danno

There's been a fair amount of booky activity amongst garden bloggers recently, so in the manner of one of Alex's shed round-ups here goes:
  • Firstly said sheddista continues his Friday Shedworker’s Bookshelf strand with A Place of my Own by Michael Pollan. A great writer, but not one of his books I've read. Another for the wants list I think.
  • Over at Carrots and Kids, Dominic Murphy's Playground Potting Shed - which I'm currently reading myself - gets deserved praise.
  • Last week VP went to the Welsh hills with a mountain of books.
  • And at the Beholder's Eye blog Deb created a lovely post about succession book-reading.


Alex said...

I can't recommend the Pollan book strongly enough. Especially if you buy it via the Shedworking site. In fact, why not buy three or four?

VP said...

Aha - I was going to ask about Michael Pollan - you may have noticed him in my book mountain, but I didn't manage to get round to starting any of his. The Americans rave about him, but I was wondering if he travels well over the pond?

I managed to get through a small hillside though - including the book I thought would stay at the bottom of the pile

Alex said...

He's very good. Maybe a little precious from time to time, but he writes smoothly. And he does have an exceedingly pleasant garden office.