Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Baggy Trousers.

Has anyone read The Playground Potting Shed by Dominic Murphey?

Is it any good?


gardener said...

haven't read that one but you should check out Defiant Gardens, Making Gardens in Wartime by Kenneth Helphand. Read Defiant Gardens to learn about the spirit, perseverance, ingenuity, hope and sadness of gardeners in wartime.

Also your email bounced back so re: the cactus – It's very shallow rooted and was potted in a sandy soil so when I planted it into the trough it was a little unsteady. Also been pretty windy on the balcony lately, so the chopsticks are just providing a little support while it settles in. I'm very gently tamping down the soil between watering.

Notice you have a cactus book, illustrated in full colour...

The Garden Monkey said...

The backstory to this post is that I asked Balcony Gardener about the sticks around her cactus.

Yes, full colour - it has some nice colour plates. I think a lot of the world was still black & white when the book came out.

Mrs Be said...

I have this, bought in a moment of panic about What The Hell Am I Going To Do With The Gardening Club Tomorrow kind of thing.

I like it. It's helpful, in a hand-holding kind of way. As ever with these things, everyone's situation's different and I would love to have his polytunnel.

But yes, as someone who has just set up a school gardening club I found it helpful, not least in remembering that children will over-water seedlings and lots of things won't grow but ultimately it doesn't matter.