Friday, 7 November 2008


I continue to be seduced into buying books just because of their cover.

This one dates from 1961, and cost a matter of pence.

I love the cover design so much I am thinking of cutting it up and framing it.
That is no doubt an act of sacrilegious vandalism, but it was very cheap and if I did destroy it then it makes the remaining ones more valuable I guess - so it’s not an entirely wanton act.

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VP said...

What a fab cover! However, I'm worried about your snipping tendencies. How about using one of those deep frames and framing the whole book? That way you could still read it if you want to. And if it turns out to be a long lost masterpiece worth £££££££s instead of pence, you can congratulate yourself on your absolute bargain and good taste!

Your WV here says subilay, but on the way over from TGM, it said virlile. I had to look twice.