Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Blog Book News

There are a small number of blogs that can be relied upon to have garden book-based posts on a regular basis.

Amongst them are two American ones which, between them, cover two ends of the spectrum. Garden History Girl has items from, as you would expect, the classic history of garden books, whilst my friend Amanda at Kiss My Aster covers more recent, but to me, just as interesting publications. In fact recently she has been having a small flurry of posts about loads of them.

Another blogger of regular acquaintance, Mrs Be features Elspeth Thompson's new book on both her blogs.

And on a less familiar note, I recently came across a blog called The Bookish Gardener. Curiously it has little content relating to garden books, except on Henry Mitchell, where there is rather a lot (in itself no bad thing).

But the most exciting news is surely on Emma Cooper's blog where you will find the opportunity to actually take part in writing a book.

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