Friday, 28 November 2008


(in the manner of a M & S advert)
This isn’t just a Penguin handbook
This is a King Penguin book,
This is Flowers of Marsh and Streams
by Iolo A. Williams, with drawings by Noel Rooke.
And it‘s completely marvellous.


Alex said...

My parents' hobby of collecting King Penguins was I think what first interested me in books as a nipper. I was delighted to help them complete their collection by buying them Magic Books of Mexico at a truly extortionate price about 20 years ago.

VP said...


Amanda Thomsen said...

That;s hot!

R. Pete Free said...

Green-eyed jealousy!

Weeping Sore said...

I'm a botanical illustration junkie. I've got to have this book.
The next one on my list is the Highgrove Florigelium, priced at a hefty US$21,000. My Tech Support Guy thinks that's too pricey, but I keep telling him it's TWO volumes for that price. Maybe he'll get me the book you posted as a consolation gift.

The Garden Monkey said...

It's not all illustrations - it has 16 plates and 37 pages of text.