Saturday, 25 July 2009

Out Soon - The Alternative Kitchen Garden - An A -Z

This new book by Flange member Emma Cooper is out very soon - 18th August.

And this is what the promo has to say:

An A-Z By Emma Cooper

“An indispensable compendium for a new generation of eco-conscious kitchengardeners.” Elspeth Thompson, The Sunday Telegraph gardening columnist

The Alternative Kitchen Garden is an evolving idea of what a kitchen garden could be inthe twenty first century – organic, environmentally sustainable, resilient and aboutrelocalising at least some of our food production. Its also a place not only for learning andpractising growing skills but for enjoying ourselves and having fun. Both an idealcompanion for anyone getting dirt under their fingernails for the first time and fullfascinating ideas and experiments for the adventurous gardener.

A self confessed ‘cyber geek’, Emma began to document the transformation of her ‘ropeyold lawn with potholes and brambles’ into a fertile and abundant permaculture plot viainternet radio and a popular blog site. Eight years on her postings and stories have beencollected in here, illustrated with beautiful colour photographs and arranged into easilyaccessible alphabetical order. Covering subjects as diverse as growing achocha (a lostInca crop) to zucchinis, and forest gardening to xeriscaping, Emma’s style is light andfriendly yet at the same time informative and based on personal experience – you feel youcould actually be sitting in the garden chatting face to face as she shares her knowledgeand experience, especially when she veers off into non directly garden related tangentssuch as osteopathy and freecycling. A concise and valuable practical guide, and a lovelyread that you can also dip in and out of on the deck chair or hammock!

“Emma Cooper is an unstoppable force, one of life’s positive people, and The AlternativeKitchen Garden sets out her inspiring personal vision of how to grow own.” Emma Townshend, The Independent on Sunday gardening columnist

I hope to have a review of it up soon - GMx

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