Sunday, 7 September 2008

Arrows of Desire

Is there a book that you really covet?

The target of my longing is Mabberley’s Plant Book.

Why don’t I buy it? Well it is £50, which is quite a lot of money. But it isn’t a huge amount of money like say , this one.

And if I stopped buying books for a couple of months (as if!) I could easily put the necessary McGarrett aside.

And it certainly not really a lot of money compared to the amount I want it.

So why don’t I just buy it?

Well sometimes the pleasure is all in the desire.


VP said...

The object of your desire is attainable and someone might just spring it on you as a birthday or Christmas present for instance.

I've gone for the unattainable. I saw (even touched reverentially) a copy of Banks' book documenting his discoveries from Australia at Kew once when I organised a volunteer weekend there. It was simply gorgeous. If I won the lottery...

Alex said...

The list is almost endless (partly because I'd also like first editions of everything I already own) but if we're only talking horticulturalish I wouldn't mind Noggin and The Flowers, one of only a couple of Noggin books I don't have. As you say, I could actually buy it quite easily but...