Sunday, 6 July 2008


Earlier, I was looking at my garden book wants list.

It reaaly is ridiculously large - it could just as well be “Every garden book that I haven’t got” and then added top that “And also some that I have but in better condition, or first editions”.

It’s not going to be an easy job to prune it back into shape.

Whilst I attempt it - what’s on your wants list?

The picture is a pencil rubbing of the cover of Practical Home Gardening Illustrated, a book I referred to recently (it's embossed and doesn't show in a photo).


patientgardener said...

Amazon have got big discounts on gardening books and DVD at the moment - thought it might help you acquire more on your want list

The Garden Monkey said...

I daren't look, honestly, I daren't.

VP said...

I got sucked into Amazon's second hand books market. I thought 'why by a new one when I can have at least 3 for the same price? Most purchases have been as new too. However, it has done nothing to dent my wants list - which of course, this site is doing nothing to help with either :D