Thursday, 10 July 2008

Blog Book News

Here's another brief round up of some garden book goings on from the internet.

Alex continues with his Shedworker’s Bookshelf each and every Friday (get ready for tomorrow’s) and this week had a post on the Art & Artisan bookshop.

Also from a shed source is a review of Growing in the Community by Simon Kirby, who is the chap with the rather wonderful shed built entirely from pallets.

The last review is rather preconceived one of Richard Reynolds’s book On Guerrilla Gardening
from a little while back. As a supporter of Guerrilla Gardening I had to stick my oar in.

There’s news of a couple of new books are in the pipeline one from Emma Cooper and another from Gayla Trail.

And finally some photos of Lloyds of Kew (as recommended by EmmaT). Sadly the shop doesn't seem to have it's own site.


VP said...

I think Flange members need a field trip to Kew right now. Doesn't it look just perfect?

I also like the idea of a bookshop opening for me by appointment, so I can pretend the whole thing belongs to me!

Alex Steed [of Make Something Happen] said...

I hadn't seen this title, and I'll pay some attention to seeking it out. We were in touch with (and posted a podcast of our talk today) Erik Knutzen of Homegrown Evolution. We talked a bit about guerilla gardening. His book covers the field a bit, while also covering some stuff that he and his co-author do around the house. It's called Urban Homestead and it's well worth checking out if you haven't seen it already. I hadn't seen a review on the site, but there is a good chance I didn't check hard enough. Take care.

VP said...

Crumbs - you got really riled didn't you? Well done! Don't you think because it was a New Statesman article it was going to be negative anyway, because a positive piece would be seen as condoning guerilla gardening? I think the same may happen with the BBC's Hampton Court coverage too - not a whiff of the Guerilla Garden tonight :(

I love Richard's well put response to the review. And the fact that the author (I can't say her name because I'm so annoyed) could only respond to the correction that he still has a day job as an ad man speaks volumes about her competence as a journalist. She should take a leaf out of Emma's book and actually add to the debate, not ignore it.

I'm off out planting primroses tomorrow on the public land next door as a mark of solidarity. And in broad daylight too!

emmat said...

FYI I am still writing my PhD thesis book on gardens and the Victorian imagination - I think that's mmmm 15 years now. Pretty much done, except for all the work and writing and stuff.

The Garden Monkey said...

I'm starting to feel left out now.

I may just start pretending I am writing a book.

VP said...

I did the BBC a disservice - they not only featured the Guerilla Garden, but interviewed Richard as well. More power too his elbow!

emmat said...

I totally forgot to say that I will do for anyone who wants to go on a field trip to Kew
the bookshop, cake at my house and a free guided tour to all the best seasonal things at Kew. At the moment I am boning up on trees as we are having year of the tree. Personally I would be having Year of the Origin of Species but surprisingly, it's not actually up to me.

The Garden Monkey said...

Wow, what a fine offer.

VP said...

Yummmm - an offer of cake, irrisistible. AND a tour round Kew - when can I come round?