Sunday, 10 May 2009

Moonlight shadow

It's nice to have a ... what's the phrase?... I guess a shadow blog.

A blog that is something different to one's main blog and about some small (perhaps obsessive) part of one's make-up.

I have this book blog - and although I would welcome all and every contribution from others - it is largely a window on my OGBCD (Obsessive Garden Book Collecting Book Disorder).

Likewise Sarah Salway has a blog about benches as well as her main one.

Her latest post is about a book.

One I sent her as it happens.

If you knew how much it pained me to part with it, you would realise her refusal to send me another Mirabel Osler book in return is just plain ungrateful, even if it is was worth £100 and then one I sent her just a few quid.

(sobs theathrically in the manner of Heather Mills)

1 comment:

Alex said...

Yes, it's nice to have a satellite blog. Except it's mildly nauseating when the satellite blog threatens to become more popular than the one you spend hours on.

Keep an eye on that Salway lass. She's a crafty one.