Saturday, 14 March 2009

Child's Play

Last year an anthology of writing from Hortus came out. It wasn‘t the first - there were two previous anthologies “By Pen & By Spade“ (1990) and “The Generous Garden (1991). Both are no doubt no longer in print, but still available from secondhand bookshops, Amazon, Ebay etc..

Whilst looking through the first of them recently (for something unrelated), I found the following opening line to the essay “Gardening for and by Children” by Will Ingwerssen.

“To my knowledge there is no gardening magazine or periodical that includes a page to encourage an interest in gardening directly to children.”

What a great idea, and surely a point more valid than ever.

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Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel (Alice Joyce) said...

I reviewed the 1990 By Pen and By Spade. It must be on a shelf somewhere, but my library needs reorganzing. Have recently found new homes for hundreds of books, as we're planning to move. Very sad to see them go.