Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Anything except temptation

I love Timber Press books. If you have any sort of garden book collection you surely have at least one of their titles.

I don’t look at their website very often. Not for any other reason than that of temptation. It’s a bit like offering the late Ollie Reed the keys to a branch of Threshers off-licence.

Of course they have oodles of info about all their books, but they also have a daily horticultural question competition that enters you for their monthly book draw.

I do find the questions are generally very interesting, stroke, challenging in their own right, even if you don‘t enter.

I have entered this a number of times, because I do not have enough books, but have yet to win.
Which is probably God’s way of telling me I have plenty of books.


VP said...

I'm seriously tempted by the Plant Driven Design book. Digging (I think) raved about it recently.

R. Pete Free said...

I've just bought it - but haven't so much as opened it yet! Was hoping to do a review at some time as it's a topic that attracts comment! (but obviously need to read it first!!!)

Alex said...

They have a good book about green roofs (and living walls).

VP said...

OOOhhhh do read it sooooon RPF, I need to know whether it's worth buying it!