Sunday, 12 October 2008

Blog Book News

I apologise once again for the lack of bloggage on these pages. As things go to sleep outside I will try and make Flange entries a bit more regular.

So by way of recompense - a bit of a round up of a few garden booky items.

The idea behind the picture comes from the Sorted Book Project, which I discovered via Musings from a Muddy Island, a site that VP tipped me off about.

It’s not easy to do the “sorted book” thing with garden books, for the simple reason that they pretty much all seem to have garden or gardening in the title.

Musings from a MI is completely booky, but as far as I can ascertain has only one garden book on it. Nevertheless it looks like a delicious book and it is a fine blog.

Next, the prodigal blogger returns and EmmaT champions Charles Dowding’s Salad Leaves, on her day-blog.

Then a serious recommendation from Mrs Be on a subject she knows all about.

A nice book pic crops up on Pictures Just Pictures.

Garden Bookcases get a feature from The Garden History Girl.

Finally, I came across this old review of Hortus and Slightly Foxed.

Now I had never come across the latter, but it does look like it might have some interest to the horticulturally minded. Does anyone know it?


Alex said...

Slightly Foxed is marvellous, not cheap, but beautifully produced. I'd heartily recommend it. I think at least one other member of the Flange is a subscriber. It's about books in general but does include a fair sprinkling of gardening titles. They also produce limited edition hardbacks of out of print autobiographies.

Joanna said...

I was slightly surprised to read in your link to Slightly Foxed that there's gardening in every issue. I picked up half a dozen at random, and found one gardening book (unless you count Candide). Having said that, it's a very good read, something to look forward to, and a great introduction to books other people love ... much more reliable than the hit or miss bookshop thing, where you end up having to trust the blurb


Juliet said...

Hi - thanks for visiting Musings and for the kind words and links. I actually do have a large collection of gardening books - so large that I rarely buy new ones (esp since having downsized to much smaller garden), hence the lack of mentions. Can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog too - glad to have made its acquaintance.

Victoria said...

Haven't seen Slightly Foxed, so thanks for pointing it out. I can thoroughly recommend Hortus, though, if only for Simon Dorrell's gorgeous illustrations. The writing is unfailingly good. Worth every penny of the 3,800 pennies it costs to subscribe.